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This morning






CN tower

From our office we can see Tokyo Sky Tree clearly and the view remains me of when I was in Tronto,Canada.

And this time, I am going to introduce you CN tower.

CN tower is a tower which is for communications and sightseeing in Canada/Toronto.

The height is 553.33m(1815.39feet)and it has 4 lookouts.

About the lookouts, personally I recommend checking out the floor called “Glass Floor”.

A part of the floor made of glass so you can look down your right below from 342m above the ground.

It is so thrilling! Why don’t you try it when you go to Toronto?!


Happy new year 2015!

We wish you abundant happiness, and peace in a new year filled with hope.
We look forward to working with you in the coming year and hope our business relationship continues for many years to come.



By chance, I happened to see a rainbow in the sky. A little bit, I had a feeling of happiness.



There is a former compound where Heizo Hasegawa and Toyama-no-kinsan


There is a former compound where Heizo Hasegawa and Toyama-no-kinsan, who are famous characters in Japanese historical plays, have lived.

It is located 10minutes north east from our office by foot.

The reason why this compound belongs to them is that Toyama-no-kinsan moved to the compound during the generation of Heizo’s grandchild.

There is no sign, so you will pass the place unless somebody tells you about it.

Also there is a former house of Kira, who is famous in the treasury of Loyal Retainers, near the compound.

There are various places which are famous in Japanese historical plays.

So, I recommend exploring this area.





Rice terraces in Bali

One of our members went to Jati Luwih hill country as world heritage. He got into a car from Denpasar airport and after two and half hours, he was overwhelmed by the spread rice terraces at the foot of Batukau mountain. Many Europeans and Americans backpackers walked around. He thought this view may be very mysterious to Europeans and Americans people.


The Tokyo Skytree in the middle of summer

 That sounds hot..



White Java sparrow

This is my White Java sparrow.

He likes  Laptop-computer.

DSC_0005 (1)

The Sarue royal gift park

This park used to be a yard for stocking and supplying of lumber.

It reminds us of the traditional Japanese warehouse as well.

This area used to be commanded as the yard by Tokugawagovernment during the Edo period.

After the period, Meiji government had been using the yard preferablyand then it became a park for public use.


The spring is here!

The warm weekend was the reason of a little ahead flowering.


Happy new year 2014!

We wish you abundant happiness, and peace in a new year filled with hope.
We look forward to working with you in the coming year and hope our business relationship continues for many years to come.


The season of Christmas illumination has just come up!
As often featured in media every year, cities get decorated brilliantly by tens of thousands of colored lights. The picture shows the shopping mall’s illumination around the station closest to my office. Why don’t you have a look at it and get yourself feel relaxed?

Work of art of sidewalk

If you walk to south from our office about 15 minutes, you can see work of tiles which is put in sidewalk.

There are several different type of tiles, so I somehow do not dare to tread on there.

Scene of automn

What kind of situation comes to your mind when you look at this photo? There are many possibilities. For instance, a scene for going on a trip to enjoy the autumn? Staying a night at a romantic cottage? a school trip? A trip for hot spring? Many many possibilities. But the right answer is NONE of the above.
I took this photo at department store show window with a cottage poster behind. Even if we look at the same scene, everyone has his own vision, imagination, due to his own personality and the experience he/she passed. I think it sounds natural.
But for me, I like this kind of photos which make every personality stands differently. Really, I am willing to be a person having his own standing character, just like the photos I love.


Tasmania is the place it is famous for “STUDIO GHIBLI” funs, and it is said to be a model “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, “Laputa, the Castle of Sky”, “Castle of Cagliostro”.
Wildernesses to account for 20% of Tasmania are registered as a World Heritage Sites.
Hiking and trekking are recommended, because it’s a place full of nature.
There is “Tasmanian Devil” it looks pretty in Tasmania. The name called the “Devil” is derived from a wild temper and a terrible roar.
There is a lot of fresh seafood, and can eat the oyster which the oyster farming is popular and is fresh, and is delicious.
Tasmania leaves Japan distantly, and the convenience to transportation is not good, so it is not easy to go. However, there is history, good nature, animals, and delicious foods, casino in Tasmania. Tasmania is my recommended place!

The lady (2011)

I watched the movie *“The lady (2011)”. After I was touched by the movie, I went to Myanmar on a business trip.
In fact, I went in front of Aung San Suu Kyi house close to Yangon university where she was confined leniently.
When the door of entrance was opened just a little, seeing from a gap, I saw the house which faced lake and lake.
It was the scene which I watched the movie very thing.
The building of roof seen from picture was the soldier’s guardroom when she was confined leniently.

*The Lady(2011)
The story of Aung San Suu Kyi as she becomes the core of Burma’s democracy movement, and her relationship with her
husband, writer Michael Aris.

Sky Train

Sky Train(BTS: Bangkok Mass Transit System) was opened in 1999 year as elevated railroad in Bangkok. Train has three cars. Comfortable in the train, colorful, and pretty are impressive. Railroad spreads around Bangkok,and it will take a lot of time to complete all. When you visit Thailand, how about taking this sky train and enjoying this comfortable?

A tricycle with an engine

Shown in the photo above is a tricycle with an engine (called locally as “twouk-twouk” or something like that) often seen on the road of the Bangkok city of Thailand. Even in Japan, in the old days we used to see a vehicle like it running on the street.)

In Thailand, this tricycle is often used as a touristic taxi, the fare of which is subject to negotiations between both parties. It is likely the fare is a bit higher than that of an ordinary taxi, probably due to many tourists making frequent use of this tricycle for fun.

When I tried taking vehicle, it did give me indeed a feeling full of thrills mingled with a sense of speed I had and a noisy engine sound unlike its pretty image, and yet it runs quickly and is easy to operate even in a small place.

As to its engine, it would seem a secondhand engine is substantially used, which was originally mounted on Japanese-made low displacement cars and motorcycles.